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Changes to the evvnt app December

Blog/Product Updates

This week we’re releasing 3 large changes to the public, including an exciting partnership with Eventbrite. “We’re working closely with our customers to build a marketing solution that encompasses the needs and requirements for quick & confident event marketing – it was clear Eventbrite was a great place to start for this. We have even […]

Changes to the evvnt app November

Blog/Product Updates

The past few weeks we’ve been working hard to build some fairly large changes in to the evvnt app. “One of the primary goals for us at the moment is to let our users to manage their own event marketing from inside their account. To this end we now sees users authorising their own accounts, picking their […]

Changes to the evvnt app September & October

Blog/Product Updates

Over September and October we’ve made some significant changes to the evvnt product that we’d love to share with you. “Although a great deal of this has been implemented at the staff side ‘back-end’, including superior account management features that allow us to handle customer packages, payments and billing from one centralised place, we’re also proud to share with […]

Changes to the evvnt app April 2014

Blog/Company/Product Updates

Changes to the evvnt app April 2014. We have released our latest platform of superior event marketing to provide you with an even better service. You can now: Download your event reports           Search results are now visible in the users local search engine   User can now request to remove a publisher […]