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Inland Chicago 2018 – Revenue Generating Event Calendars

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What a wonderful opportunity to present our latest technology offering to US newspaper owners and influencers – here we showcased our Revenue Generating Event Calendars which we believe will generate $100k to $1m+ per newspaper for early adopters in 2019.  Inland Chicago Sept 2018 from Richard Green The latest US service we are rolling […]

We’ve launched Premium+ for trusted customers

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Today we’re excited to announce the release of Premium+, a package designed to reward our most active & trusted customers. We know that for many of our event organisers your event schedules can fluctuate over the year, and sometimes our plans don’t necessarily accommodate for those changes. Premium+ is designed to give you pay-as-you-go flexibility […]

A closer look at the Yext Integration

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A guide to connecting your Yext account The new Yext App Directory integration allows you to connect Yext and evvnt and save time pushing your events out to our publisher network. Here we show you the simple steps to get your account connected. The App Store From the Yext App Store visit the ‘evvnt’ app, […]

We've launched Multiple Category targeting!

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Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched multiple category targeting for all event submissions. The change means that events sent to our network of global listings sites can now be focussed towards up to three of our industry driven categories – increasing targeting and sites available by up to 30% and, best of all, […]

Introducing evvnt Platform!

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evvnt Platform is officially released – Event Marketing Automation After speaking to hundreds of event organisers it was very clear to us that not only were event organisers challenged by juggling multiple marketing platforms, tight budgets and a limited amount of time, they wanted more from us than just the ability to list their events […]

Changes to the evvnt app on 24 July 2015 – Events Reports Terminology

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Event Reports: Terminology Update Changes to the evvnt app on 24 July 2015 . Today we are updating the way we communicate the status of your event promotion. Two columns in your report’s Publisher Breakdown table will now update you on our progress. Status: The status column will change from Promoting to Promoted once content has […]

Changes to the evvnt app on 21 July 2015 – Eventbrite Revenue II

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Import from Eventbrite: Eventbrite Revenue Changes to the evvnt app on 21 July 2015 In this release, using our Eventbrite Import feature will now give you access to the same revenue reporting as the rest of our integration. It’s simple to do and provides great insight into the success of your marketing. Follow the 4 […]

Changes to the evvnt app 12 June 2015 – Revenue, Registrations, Attendees & Partnerships

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Changes to the evvnt app – Revenue, Registrations, Attendees & Partnerships In today’s release we are introducing two new features to the application, one for our users and another for our partners – how democratic! Let’s start with our users. Eventbrite Revenue We’re continuing to introduce new features from our partnership with Eventbrite, delivering greater accountability […]

Changes to the evvnt app 19 January 2015

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This week we’re releasing the second part of our Eventbrite integration, allowing users to create events & sell tickets with the global registration platform Eventbrite from inside our app. “During the event submission process, our users will now be given the option to create an Eventbrite listing page, manage ticketing, market the page to evvnt’s publisher network and, […]

Changes to the evvnt app December

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This week we’re releasing 3 large changes to the public, including an exciting partnership with Eventbrite. “We’re working closely with our customers to build a marketing solution that encompasses the needs and requirements for quick & confident event marketing – it was clear Eventbrite was a great place to start for this. We have even […]

Changes to the evvnt app November

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The past few weeks we’ve been working hard to build some fairly large changes in to the evvnt app. “One of the primary goals for us at the moment is to let our users to manage their own event marketing from inside their account. To this end we now sees users authorising their own accounts, picking their […]

Changes to the evvnt app September & October

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Over September and October we’ve made some significant changes to the evvnt product that we’d love to share with you. “Although a great deal of this has been implemented at the staff side ‘back-end’, including superior account management features that allow us to handle customer packages, payments and billing from one centralised place, we’re also proud to share with […]