The guide to Evenium events listing site

1. Free/3. Global/Blog/Conferences/France/French Blog/Publishers by Category promote your event to a wide audience with effective tools: integration with social networks, promotion codes… Conferences, seminars, meetings, concerts or festivals…all your events can be easily and rapidly organized with IN-PERSON SUCCESS Organizing a great meeting has a set of tough challenges! How do you motivate participants to attend, welcome them, […]

Submit, promote, add, list, market an event online


You decide to run a public facing event, it’s important and the pressure’s on as ‘success’ is key. The clock is ticking and you know that failure is not an option. You don’t have a famous rock star attending or performing at your event so you need to market the event but how… the problem. […]

The guide to Conferensum events listing site

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Conferensum provides conference proceedings, documentation and webinars from leading events and training around the world. Our service allows you access on demand the video, podcast, slides and publications of events you could not attend. Don’t miss the latest trends, research and analysis for your sector. Il est la source de documentation de conférences et webinars. Notre […]

Developing new opportunities for digital and print publishers


“evvnt technology – when applied to digital and print publishers creates a unique and interesting opportunity for ‘Premium Events’. Working with leading publishers and event owners to deliver a world class event marketing product that simply works.” After an incredible few months for the team at evvnt we thought is was time to document the […]

The challenges of print and digital publishing


The decline of print advertising Whilst we have a great deal of fun working on gaining maximum exposure for your events we are also serious about keeping abreast of the latest facts and figures in the industry. The truth is that evvnt has become necessary due to the decline in print advertising. It has been […]

The evvnt team heads to the World Travel Market 2012


  On Tuesday the evvnt team flew the coop to explore the huge industry of travel & tourism and to examine how evvnt can play a bigger role in better and more efficient event marketing for the sector. Our destination? The ExCeL centre, for the World Travel Market 2012. As we arrived at the ExCeL […]

The guide to Paris Bouge events listing site

1. Free/1. Local/4. Mobile Apps/Any Event/Blog/France/French Blog/Paris/Publishers by Category/Publishers by Location, a été créé en 2001 avant que le réseau internet ne soit dans chaque maison. Il souhaitait un calendrier de sorties sur Paris avec un site Web de communauté où les membres pourrait parler, échanger leurs opinions sur des sorties et se réunir sur Internet avec leurs amis la nuit ou faire simplement de nouveaux amis […]

The guide to Fest events listing site

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Fest helps you find the event you will have a good time with friends or family. Mega concert at lotto communal reference ideas out across France. Simply use our search tools to find parties, festivals and events that take place in the corner. How is this possible? For that announce an event is completely free […]

We love the Press Association


London, Tuesday 12th April 2012, After a long bank holiday weekend it was great to meet the team at the Press Association. Every visit is like an education in data management and I always love to understand more about the numerous verticals that the Press Association continue to develop and grow. They continue to invent […]

The launch of delivers simple event marketing 'Beta'


evvnt is a full service events technology company working with events owners and event publishers to deliver the perfect Premium Event. Ambitious? the founder is looking to take from zero to a £10m valuation in under 36 months, in this current frenzy, possibly not. London, Friday 13th April 2012, See’s the launch of […]

Superior event marketing – power up your event listing


A revolutionary new web tool that enables event organisers to reach over 41 million event consumers via all top listings websites within 3 days of posting details is a new website that will transform the way publishers, bars, restaurants, events companies, PR agencies, pubs, shops and clubs approach event amplification. Trialing for the past […]