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Budget Travel For Event Planners – Travel Tips

May 30, 2017 0

The daily grind of the 9 – 5 has finally worn you to the bone….

Guest Blog – event marketing with social media

May 24, 2017 0

Want to harness the power of social media to promote your next event? Leveraging everything…

Going completely paper-free at your next conference

May 7, 2017 0

Ask people what they take away from a conference and you can guarantee that whether…

The Best Opportunities for Networking in London

August 16, 2016 0

There is no doubt that networking in London promotes your brand, builds your own career…

5 Simple Social Media Tips

July 22, 2016 1

Make your network work for you with 5 simple social media tips… It’s interesting that…

Go paper-free for your next conference

June 23, 2016 0

If you are thinking about going paper-free for your events this is great news, reduce…

5 Must-Incorporate Event Trends for 2016

February 26, 2016 1

The event industry is rapidly changing, and event planners have to be up to date…

4 ways that tech can help to grab your audience’s attention at your next event

September 22, 2015 0

While getting people to attend your event can be tough, getting them to stand up…

Top Essential Time Management Tips for Event Planners

September 14, 2015 0

If there’s one thing you can’t waste when planning an event, it’s time. While you…

What is the best event listing site for my event?

August 18, 2015 2

Firstly we want to thank Kathy Cohen, Content & Communities Manager at Zoliro who produced…