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How to Sell Tickets to Events Online

March 27, 2018 1

Managing ticket sales are essential to running a successful event. If you’re new to event promotion or planning a small, independent event, there are lots of useful tools available to sell event tickets online.

How To Promote Your Events Online @Evvnt

February 20, 2018 1

Event Marketing Guide to find out how you can promote your events online using the latest platforms and how to improve traditional marketing techniques.

How to Promote an Event at Short Notice Successfully

August 24, 2016 0

In an ideal world, event planning should takes place over several months, but sometimes circumstances can work against even the most organised event manager. We’ve crowdsourced some great suggestions from our LinkedIn Group on how to promote events at short notice.

A Guide To Using Eventbrite Ticketing

May 10, 2016 0

Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform. Eventbrite ticketing is completely free and easy to…

How to use ticketing

May 6, 2016 0

Adding ticketing to your events promotion is an uncomplicated advantage enabling you to manage your…

5 basics for any modern day event

April 2, 2014 2

Looking to dabble in the world of events? By making use of the tools available…