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MONEY, INVESTMENT, PITCHING – So let’s set the scene, I really do have a room of people watching me pitch, but their is no reason why you could not video yourself in private and watch back your pitch to see how you sound, look and perform. I generally get a lot of good feedback from this video and it assisted me with remote investors to secure an additional £100k I’d never have seen if they had not watched this video.


  1. Create a story line and base it on
    1. The Founder & CEO – set out who you are and build confidence.
    2. Investment – How much money are you pitching for
    3. About the business -We are Event Technology, outline what makes up the business share big numbers
    4. Clients – Who uses the service
    5. Revenue – Total turnover / split between markets & products / price points
    6. News – Whats the good news you can share that happened recently.
    7. Market Sizing – How bigs the space, whats your business opportunity.
    8. What’s the problem – The issue you are trying to address.
    9. Solution to the problem – Give the audience a product demo
    10. How will you use the investment to grow the business.

Richard Green, CEO of evvnt introduces an investment opportunity to potential investors at the Eight Club in central London. Audience included private and business investors.

richard green evvnt investor_pitch‘Single event submission into one platform Automatically on up to 5000 event listing pages across the web Reporting that tracks clicks and purchases to see what works and what doesn’t. Event Organisers submit millions of events manually & multiple times to thousands of media channels & general marketing platforms that fail to successfully market their events. Effective event marketing from a single submission creating the perfect event ad campaign by distributing to 5000+ media publishers, search engines, mobile, email, sms & social’

17/06/2015 | £350k EIS Investment Opportunity | £305k Raised | £45k is outstanding

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I was once told you should be always raising money, it’s an impossible statement as fund raising is a full time job, something I enjoy doing however it comes with a bitter sweet end result – you get money, you lose a piece of your company. I believe our company is at a tipping point where we are at a size where I can increase sales by £10k per month I’ve got £120k of investment I don’t need to raise, imagine if that could be £30k a month then you are now talking £360k of investment capital.

Some companies find it hard to create revenues, ours does not come easy but we are starting to sharpen our tool kit on online and technology based revenue as it comes with big margins.

The golden rule I’d recommend is raise money when you need it, once you’ve got the cash use it wisely and try and get the investment to drive internal revenue lines to extend your runway. Lastly, once you start raising money and you have momentum focus hard on closing the round – if you lose focus, miss your round target and don’t raise your full investment amount then you put your entire plan at risk.

Money gives you peace of mind, time and a sense of space – run out of cash and you become incredibly pressured which is no fun for you, your team or your business.


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