We are excited to announce evvnt’s inclusion as an integration partner of today’s Eventbrite Spectrum launch. Eventbrite is the global marketplace for live experiences that allows people to find and create events, and together we’ve been building technology that facilitates those gatherings.Announcing Our Inclusion In The Eventbrite Spectrum

Eventbrite Spectrum is being launched as a limitless directory of extensions for users, designed to expand the functionality of the platform with powerful tools for the planning, managing, promoting, and tracking of events. Further cementing our relationship with Eventbrite – we are announcing today that our ‘Broadcast’ marketing product has been included as part of the flagship launch, available to Eventbrite users within their event dashboards.

For the first time in their company history, Eventbrite have integrated 10 partners identified as having the most valuable services for event organisers, and we are delighted to be included as one of them. For us it represents a huge step for the company and our continued desire to deliver value to the global event industry. Each extension being launched has been built specifically with the needs of event organisers in mind and by delivering quick, easy-to-use tools that are directly accessible, Eventbrite users can greatly enhance the management, impact and success of their events.

We are offering ‘Broadcast’ – a free distribution tool to 10 listing sites for all events – with our suite of reporting features and further opportunities to discover more listing sites. By installing the extension in Eventbrite, users can easily access our free event marketing from within their ‘Manage’ event sections. Eventbrite users will join evvnt’s existing users who have already seen more than 1 million event listings and over 1.5 million clicks generated to their websites, ticketing and registration pages.

In providing event organisers with ‘Broadcast’, designed to save time and enhance marketing reach, we are committing to providing free event marketing to the masses. We believe that all event marketeers deserve such a powerful device in their arsenal, and Eventbrite have reinforced this belief by including us in today’s launch. Today evvnt provide global event organisers with an effective, free method to sell more tickets and reach more attendees – where to date customers in over 70 countries have marketed their events to our network of 5,000+ listing sites.

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